Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect on Your Dogs First Day of Daycare?
Regardless if your dog has been to daycare before or not, the transition is a big change and can throw off their normal schedule. At SoBo, once your dog completes the evaluation tests when they first arrive, they go right into the room and play until you, (mom or dad) come to pick him/her up.
SoBo Vets
If there is a dog at SoBo that needs medical attention, we are associated with Everhart Veterinary Hospital and Mellor Emergency Vet in Catonsville. Before taking any dog to one of our vets, we notify the owner, and if the owner is able to pick the dog up or have someone else pick up, they may take them to their own vet if they choose. In cases where owners might be out of town or unable to pick up, we ask if they would like us to take their dog to our vet to get immediate medical treatment.
What happens if I cannot pick up my dog by the time SoBo closes?
We understand that things may pop up unexpectedly and cause you to run into a bind. If you think you may be late picking up your dog by the time we close, just give us a call. We will make sure your dog is well taken care of if you are unable to pick up.  We set your dog up to board overnight. When this happens, we will make sure he/she gets a comfy blanket or bed to sleep on, and they will be given our food ($5 fee) and water and crated for the night. You may pick up as soon as we open or before we close the next day. Usually, if it is about 5 minutes you will be running late from the time we close, it is not a problem for a SoBo staff member to wait for you. However, in cases where we do not receive a phone call, or an answer when we try calling you, an inconvenience fee of $5 will be added to the boarding bill.
Common Injuries
Just like kids will be kids… dogs will be dogs. While it is rare, scratches and light marks from playing do happen from time to time. Our staff is well trained in judging when to break up play before it becomes too rough. We have an on site Dog First Aid kit that we use to address any wounds, and it is mandatory that all scratches, no matter how big or small, are reported to the owner before the dog goes home.
In the very rare case that there is a more severe wound from a dog on dog altercation, it is SoBo protocol that both owners are notified immediately. If an incident like this occurs, both dogs are removed from the play group and checked over thoroughly by the staff for any puncture marks, scratches, etc. They are then crated individually so they can have “time out” and phone calls are made to both owners. All incidents are documented and each dog will be placed on a “watch list” to make sure the staff knows to keep a close eye on that particular dog to make sure no other incidents like that occur. We always want the highest safety for our dogs, as well as our staff. If we feel a dog is not compatible to be in the daycare setting at any time, unfortunately separation from attending SoBo may be required.

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