Sleeping Dog at SoBo Dog Daycare in Locust Point


Sleepovers at SoBo have all the fun of daycare, with the added ease of your pet spending the night. During a vacation, or family emergency, there is always the concern about if Fido has the right care, is too stressed, or how they are holding up. No one enjoys kenneling their beloved pet, make sure they are at ease, in an environment that they know and you can trust. They get to spend the day romping and playing in true SoBo fashion, and spend the night surrounded by bedding you can bring from home, or we can provide. Come see why we’re rated #1 for dog boarding in Baltimore!

What Does a Sleepover Cost?

A sleepover is a $31 addition to any daycare stay at SoBo. Already purchased a daycare package? No problem, a daycare pass +$31 gets your dog a whole day and nights stay here at SoBo Dog Daycare.

What’s is like staying at SoBo?

  • Good Morning!

    Dogs get let out to potty and play! Afterwards, breakfast is served in bed!
  • Time to play!

    Our sleepovers are let out to play with the daycare dogs after making sure their food has settled in their bellies!
  • Relax for a Bit!

    After playing all morning, the pups are tired! They get to lay back down for lunch, a snack, or a nap!
  • Lets Play Some More!

    Now it’s time for afternoon play! All of the pups are refreshed after their nap time and are allowed to romp and play in one of our huge playrooms, or outside if weather permits!
  • Dinner time!

    Every dogs favorite part of the day! All of the sleepovers and remaining day care dogs are put in their own crate and served dinner!
  • Time to Rest

    Dinner bowls are taken away if the pups are finished eating, and they are left to rest.
  • More Play Time?!

    Our night staff comes in and allows all the sleepovers to have some more play time and a potty break before settling in for the night!
  • Goodnight!

    We say goodnight to all of the SoBo pups for the evening, and let them dream of all the fun they will have the next day!

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