Mucky Paws Spa

If you’re looking for dog grooming in Baltimore, look no further! Here at SoBo, we never cut corners, especially when it comes to how your dog looks (unless you ask us to!!). Our groomer Nicole has 10+ years grooming experience and is a Veterinary Technician. She has the skill and ability to make you dog stand out in the crowd, and do any cut that you can think of! Contact us for consultation and scheduling!

Basic Packages

A basic groom at Mucky Paws includes a shave down according to your preference, a bath, blow dry, and finishing. We also clip their nails to finish!
  • 25 lbs. or less = $45.00
  • 26- 50 lbs = $55.00
  • 50 lbs.+ = $65.00 & up

For Undercoated Breeds

For our fluffier customers, we provide a service to help remove the undercoat and excess shedding, We bathe them with our special Furminator shampoo and conditioner, blow out all loose coat, and finish with a good brushing and nail clipping.
  • 25 lbs. or less = $45.00
  • 26- 50 lbs = $55.00
  • 50 lbs.+ = $65.00 & up

Short-Haired Bath Packages

At Mucky Paws we don’t let our short-haired friends miss out on all the fun! We bathe and condition them to get that short hair as soft as possible! We finish with a towel dry and nail clipping!
  • Small = $35.00
  • Medium = $40.00
  • Large = $45.00
  • Xl – $50.00

All Additional Services

  • Nail Trimming = $10.00
  • Gland Expression = $15.00
  • Self-Serve Bath = $15.00

Patterns and Special Requests

If you desire a specific breed cut or pattern, pricing will determined on a case by case basis, depending on coat type and amount of work involved.

**Pricing is subject to change based on coat length, type, and condition**

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Webcam Issues

Due to the weather, we are experiencing intermittent issues with our webcams. We are aware of the issue and currently working on a fix. We apologize for any inconvenience.