Mucky Paws Spa


We are currently staffing our grooming department and until further notice are only offering basic wash & dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning services.

Please feel free to call the day care to enquire further.

Basic Packages

A basic groom at Mucky Paws includes a shave down according to your preference, a bath, blow dry, and finishing. We also clip their nails to finish!
  • 25 lbs. or less = $45.00
  • 26- 50 lbs = $55.00
  • 50 lbs.+ = $65.00 & up

For Undercoated Breeds

For our fluffier customers, we provide a service to help remove the undercoat and excess shedding, We bathe them with our special Furminator shampoo and conditioner, blow out all loose coat, and finish with a good brushing and nail clipping.
  • 25 lbs. or less = $45.00
  • 26- 50 lbs = $55.00
  • 50 lbs.+ = $65.00 & up

Short-Haired Bath Packages

At Mucky Paws we don’t let our short-haired friends miss out on all the fun! We bathe and condition them to get that short hair as soft as possible! We finish with a towel dry and nail clipping!
  • Small = $35.00
  • Medium = $40.00
  • Large = $45.00
  • Xl – $50.00

All Additional Services

  • Nail Trimming = $10.00
  • Gland Expression = $15.00
  • Self-Serve Bath = $15.00

Patterns and Special Requests

If you desire a specific breed cut or pattern, pricing will determined on a case by case basis, depending on coat type and amount of work involved.

**Pricing is subject to change based on coat length, type, and condition**

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Webcam Issues

Due to the weather, we are experiencing intermittent issues with our webcams. We are aware of the issue and currently working on a fix. We apologize for any inconvenience.