Doggie Daycare

At SoBo, when you bring your dog in to us, we let them spend the day playing, barking, running, chewing, and doing what dogs do best.  Our playrooms are constantly supervised by our staff and equipped with live webcams, rubber flooring, play sets, and toys to ensure the highest level of fun and safety during play. The great feature about SoBo’s doggie daycare, is that our dogs are thoroughly screened before allowing them to attend our daycare facility, to ensure both safety and the best placement possible. We have 2 indoor areas, and 1 outdoor that allow us to have multiple play groups based on size, temperament, and energy level. Multiple play groups allow us to accommodate dogs of all types, and ensure that all dogs get enough individualized attention. There is a reason we are reviewed as the best doggie daycare in Baltimore! At SoBo, your dog won’t be just another face in the pack. ** All Dogs 6 months or older MUST be spayed or neutered before allowing to attend day care**

Single Days

Single day packages are great for the occasional dog daycare user!
  • Full Day = $33.00
  • Half Day (6 hours) = $20.00
  • Evaluation (3 hours) = $15.00
We offer a 15% discount to multiple dogs in the same family!

Multi-Day Packages

If you dog is coming to see us a Sobo often, think about buying multi-day passes!
  • 5 day = $150.00
  • 10 days = $290.00
  • 20 days = $540.00 & a free bath!
All passes are valid for six (6) month from the date of purchase and may be used at anytime for Full Days of daycare. Passes are non-refundable.

Click here to apply if you’re a new customer, or to reserve a spot if you’ve been to SoBo before!


What is a day at SoBo like?

  • Time to play!

    Our doors open and the day care dogs start to arrive for their fun day at SoBo! They are placed right into a playroom when they arrive.
  • Head Outside!

    If weather is permitting, this is when the pups are allowed to go outside and play in our outdoor area! During the summer months there are kiddie pools and lots of shade to enjoy the warm weather.
  • Relax for a Bit!

    After playing all morning, the pups are tired! They get to lay back down for lunch, a snack, or a nap!
  • Lets Play Some More!

    Now it’s time for afternoon play! All of the pups are refreshed after their nap time and are allowed to romp and play in one of our huge playrooms, or outside if weather permits!
  • Clean up time!

    All daycare dogs are wiped down before waiting for mom or dad to pick them up, that way everyone goes home looking their best!
  • Closing Time!

    SoBo closes the lobby, all day care dogs have gone home for the day.

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Webcam Issues

Due to the weather, we are experiencing intermittent issues with our webcams. We are aware of the issue and currently working on a fix. We apologize for any inconvenience.